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A Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a long-term collaborative partner, a short term staffing solution, or the answer to a one time project.  The Virtual Assistant allows a unique opportunity for individuals and business owners to take advantage of the talents of a highly skilled professional that they may not otherwise have access to because they work out of a home office or they don’t have the time and resources to deal with a full-time employee.  That’s where a Virtual Assistant can be a lifesaver.

As a business owner or executive you have a lot of priorities.  Primarily you need to be able to do what you enjoy and be successful.  This means you are balancing a lot of priorities that you could outsource to someone else to either help you with or take over entirely.  Outsourcing these administrative tasks such as contact management,  correspondence, billing, collections, website maintenance (or possibly  creating a web presence), travel arrangements… Whatever it is, if you don’t have to do this task any longer you are free to pursue your business and make sure it is as successful as possible.

Executive Buiried under piles of paperwork

Where can you get help?  It takes a lot of time and energy to advertise, screen hundreds of  resumes, schedule interviews, hire and train someone.  You could hire a temp, but they are either after a permanent job or will be on to the next assignment tomorrow, but you still need to have workspace and equipment for them to do their job.  Whether you are just not ready to hire an assistant or don’t have a place to put one a Virtual Assistant can be the perfect solution for you.  A Virtual Assistant has spent many years in their industry acquiring an enormous amount of information and experiences that makes them uniquely qualified to help you with almost any obstacle you may be facing.

The most important thing to remember is that a Virtual Assistant will not become another administrative headache for you.  Virtual Assistants usually work as independent contractors which means we are not your employee, you don’t have to pay taxes, health benefits or worry about unplanned absences.